Noteworthy Mobile Video Games Developed in Singapore

When it comes to mobile games, or video games in general, Japan is at the top of the shortlist as far as Asian countries go. Nintendo and Sony have become the household names only in Japan but globally and their dominance continues in the console world. However, mobile gaming industry is a different story. Nintendo and Sony, despite not lacking any effort, have been slow to get their sights set on mobile gaming world.

Analysis of Singaporean Mobile game market shows its growths and challenges it is facing moving forward.
Analysis of Singaporean Mobile game market shows its growths and challenges it is facing moving forward.

Singapore, not well known in gaming industry at all, has been dipping its toes in the mobile gaming scenes and there are already a few developers who have released some intriguing games. Although they haven’t quite achieved the success of Supercell, heralded developer from Finland, Singapore is becoming more well known for copycat games that are not particularly original but fun to play nonetheless.

Spearheading the effort is GUMI, a Singaporean game developer behind Brave Frontier. This is a game that looks exactly like Japanese Role-playing Games, Ala Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. It’s a simple copycat game that is very well polished and succeeded in penetrating the mobile gaming sector. To date, it has been downloaded over 20 million times on Google Android Play Store and Apple App Store. What separates Brave Frontiers from other JRPG clones is the PVP features that pits players against each other. Singaporean mobile game developer also has release several other games which haven’t seen as much success as BF such as: Big Hero 6 Bot Fight, Chain Chronicle and Slots Reel Frontier. The company has enjoyed its ups and downs, but recently has reported a $5 million loss in operating income.

The biggest problem with Singaporean game developers penetrating the western market simply seems to be cultural boundaries that exist. Western gamers aren’t big into JRPG, at least not on mainstream level, and to really break into larger audience, they will have to work hard to appeal to the gamers in US and Europe.

Daylight Studios is another Singaporean based mobile game developer that has released an intriguing game called Conquest Age. This iO only game is a hybrid of multiple game genres including: action, strategy, roleplaying and bit of crafting thrown in. Billed as fantasy RPG game, there are seven factions vying each other for supremacy and your job is to pick a faction and help achieved that goal. Rather fun game to play that has enjoyed limited success outside of Singapore, the Conquest Age is simply too complex to be successful in today’s mobile gaming market.

LambdaMu Games is one of those factory mill of mobile games that produces little to no originality when it comes to video games it produces. What it succeeds doing well is producing me-too mobile games that are heavily monetized with little play-ability value. They have so far produced games like Pixel People and Dice Soccer League. One of the top criticisms of the games LambdaMu is that they are very buggy and rarely runs correctly. It’s a sad state for the mobile developer to be in, producing unoriginal games that rarely runs correctly. Pixel People has since been acquired by Chillingo, which is a subdivision of EA.

Another mobile game that has hit our radar hailing from Singapore is Ravenmark: Mercenaries. Created by Witching Hour Studios, this little known game is available on Apple App Store. A turn-based strategy game at its core, it looks quite similar to Banner Saga for those who have played that excellent turn-based roleplaying game. From initial testing, Ravenmark has it all: good graphics, complex dynamics that will keep gamer interested for week and months and deep story line that actually engages and intrigues. It’s too early to say how this game will perform over its lifespan, but so far, it looks quite promising.

Interesting Facts About Clash Royale You Ought To Know

Launched globally on March 2, 2016, Clash Royale has proved to be an all-time favorite for the gamers ever since. Developed by the developers of another one of the most addictive games, Clash of Clans, Supercell seems to have attained success for the second time by developing the so-called sequel of Clash of Clans. Here is most interesting facts about Clash Royale you perhaps didn’t know!

More Popularity than its Predecessor

Clash Royale seems to have received a bucket full of love from the gamers. Clash Royale was able to acquire more than 50 million officially recorded downloads in just 9 months after its global launch. The game received 4.7 out of 5 stars on Apple Store, 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store and a whooping rating of 5 stars out of 5 on Tom’s Guide.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes System Deconstructed for Newbies

Another basic perspective is-you need to facilitate the reasonable equipment to get the best fight from your warriors and it is genuinely astoundingly immense to complete this system truly. Besides, are not allowed to pick the characters which have been picked by your opponent gathering. Both the diminish and magnificent side of the power will have unprecedented characters as their warriors. Hence, you need to make a couple isolate bunches and after that change the setups in light of the gathering you are fighting against.

In this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes redirection, you are allowed to continue engaging in the midst of the story missions and you can continue fighting with exchange players in PvP mode as well. The planning module which grants to use 3D pictures will help you to test the structures of your gatherings before you approach for a bona fide fight and it is altogether important to test the limit and nature of your gatherings. Free crystals generation is available for cheaters of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

This test experience will help you to get organized well for the bona fide fight too. A unimaginable affiliation is a champion among the most critical great position of this beguilement as this battle redirection is not in every way that really matters modified as it’s fairly not the same as the battle amusements made by the near arrangements.

Mobile Strike Mobile Game App, You Heard Of It?

Everyone has a little bit of a gamer in them whether they want to believe it or not. There is a game out there for everyone. Mobile Strike is one of the largest massively multiplayer online game right now. It came out in 2015. This game is suited for those who like the army lifestyle. You can build a home base and defend that with an army that you build all by yourself as well. Not only can you build stuff you get to fight combat to combat with other players. Is that not amazing?

Why You Should Try It

The game is split into two ways that you can play. There is the internal construction and the external destruction. The game is a mix up of so many different elements. It combines the ability to construct, destruct, train your troops and do research in your home bases.

Core sets are what gives your troops massive boost in battles. Use the secret core recipes with recipes like White Wolf Patch, Thermal Scope and Wolf Pelt to receive killers bonuses like +6% boost to Armored Vehicle Health and 11% increase in Advanced Troop Attack Bonus. Combined with Mobile Strike cheats for gold and VIP utilities like this, your supremacy in battle is guaranteed.

It is sort of a juggling game but when you get the hang of it you will being doing it so easy in no time. People love the aspect of building up their towers and leveling up themselves to get stronger and be able to take down other people in the game. Trying the game will not hurt. It is free and you can always uninstall it if it is not for you in the long run. But try something new.